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A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced According To The Dialect Of CantonAsiaAstro Malaysian Satellite TelevisionAstro On DemandAstro Wah Lai ToiAustraliaBarnettaChaoBrazilCanadaCanada 2006 CensusCantoneseCantonese BrailleCantonese GrammarCantonese NasalStop AlternationCantonese PeopleCantonese PhonologyCantonese PinyinCantonese PronounsCantonese YaleCantopopCebuChaozhouChinaChinatown BrooklynChinatown FlushingChinatown ManhattanChinatown OaklandChinatown San FranciscoChinese CanadiansChinese ClassifierChinese FilipinosChinese LanguageChinese LanguagesChinese PeruviansChristmas IslandCinema Of Hong KongCubaDaly CityDim SumEast OaklandElijah Coleman BridgmanEnglish LanguageEnpingEric MooErnst Johann EitelEuropeFaye WongFirst LanguageFremont CaliforniaFrench LanguageFujianFuqingFuzhou PeopleGaoYang YueGlottologGovernment Of Hong KongGreater Toronto AreaGreater VancouverGuangdongGuangdong ProvinceGuangdong RomanizationGuangxiGuangzhouGuangzhou TelevisionGuangzhou Television Cantonese ControversyHainaneseHainanese PeopleHakka LanguageHakka PeopleHercules CaliforniaHoaHokkienHoklo PeopleHong KongHong Kong 1967 Leftist RiotsHong Kong Basic LawHong Kong CantoneseHong Kong Education And Manpower BureauHong Kong Examinations And Assessment AuthorityHong Kong Government Cantonese RomanisationHsinchuIpaIpohIso 6393Iso 6396James Dyer BallJohn Chalmers MissionaryJyutpingKaipingKeelungKuala LumpurKwangtungLanguage FamilyLee Kuan YewLiangguangLingua FrancaLinguistic Society Of Hong KongList Of Language RegulatorsLoanwordLocke CaliforniaMacauMainland ChinaMalaysiaMalaysian ChineseMandarin ChineseManhattanManilaMedium Of InstructionMeyeraWempeMin ChineseMin NanMutual IntelligibilityMutually UnintelligibleNanjing DecadeNew TaipeiNew York CityNew ZealandNorthern And Southern ChinaOfficial LanguageOverseas ChinesePanamaPearl River DeltaPeoples Republic Of ChinaPerakPeruPetaling JayaPhilippinesPinyinPrestige DialectProtestantPutian PeopleRadio GuangdongRadio Televisyen MalaysiaReplacement CharacterRepublic Of ChinaRobert Morrison MissionaryS L Wong Phonetic SymbolsS L Wong RomanisationSabahSamuel Wells WilliamsSan FranciscoSan Francisco Bay AreaSandakanSelangorShanghainese PeopleSidney LauSilicon ValleySimplified ChineseSimplified Chinese CharactersSingaporeSinoTibetan LanguagesSinoVietnamese VocabularySoutheast AsiaSouthern Television GuangdongSpeak Mandarin CampaignStandard ChineseSubang JayaTaipeiTaishanTaishaneseTaiwanTanka DialectTeochew DialectTeochew PeopleThai ChineseThailandTianyi Film CompanyTonal LanguageTraditional ChineseTraditional Chinese CharactersTransfer Of Sovereignty Over Hong KongUkUnited StatesVarieties Of ChineseVariety LinguisticsVernacular ChineseVietnamVietnamese AlphabetWilliam Jones PhilologistWong Shik LingWriting SystemWritten CantoneseWu ChineseXiguan DialectXinhui DistrictYale Romanization Of CantoneseYue ChineseYuehai Dialects

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